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Exterior & Interior Painting - Can Increase the Value of House

Painting a house can easily change the entire look of your house. Working with painters to set up a colour palette and then using the same on your house can easily improve the value that your house holds right now. Even if you own a traditional mansion, which has been standing down generations, calling a reputed Painter and painting the exterior and interior of the place will make it look as good as new, and you can sell it to potential buyers on behalf of a handsome deal of money.

If the house has a strong foundation and you have got yourself painting jobs done by professional house painters, then you are good to just add this house in the sales section in no time. But be sure that your house painting covers both the exterior and interior parts as only one section might not work that great to improve the value of the place.

Benefits revolving around exterior painting service:

Even though interior house painting job is truly mandatory, some of the real estate experts will clearly define the value of exterior paint to be an affordable manner to increase a house’s value in a significant manner.

  • There are some consumer reports, which clearly state that a proficient exterior paint job can potentially improve the value of your house by not less than 2 to 5%.
  • Other than adding a higher sales price to your place, this exterior painting job can offer some advantages as well. It is always important and economical to just paint on behalf of installing new siding.

If your house is freshly painted then buyers might go for it immediately as recent paint job can easily last for a minimum of 20 years. So, they don’t have to paint the house anytime soon.


ROI value and more to learn:

There have been multiple researches and surveys, which have already been made on painting services and prove that house painting can exponentially increase the value of your house without any question.

  • The interior painting job can result in around 107% on ROI. On the other hand, painting the exterior parts of the house can lead to 55% of ROI.
  • Yes, it is true that painting an entire house might cost you some bucks but it is all worth it. At least, you can get the chance to add that money in the resale value of your house ad can get it covered easily.
  • Experienced professionals are serving you with the painting services well with ease and they are covering Melbourne and other surrounding suburb regions like East of Melbourne, Bayside, Bentleigh and Frankston.

It has been found out that around 66% of the realtors will recommend you to go for the wall paintings and then you have around 63% of them who might recommend touch-up painting services if the house is not in bad condition.


Present condition matters a lot when you are trying to paint the house. If the house is completely worn out due to ages, then a complete repainting task is what you need to focus at. Otherwise, simple touch-ups on affected parts can seal the deal. No matter whatever the case is, don’t forget to get experts to work for you always.