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Before You Try, Check How To Avoid Common Colour Paint Mistake

You have all been in that situation when you spend hours and days painting a room. As you are trying to clean up the finishing product, you came across drips and spills. There are some common painting mistakes, which are seen in day to day life. There are ways you can fix it and you have to do it right. It saves a lot of your time and money as well. So, next time you try to paint or rather re-paint your old room, you have to check ways to avoid common colour painting mistakes first.


What is best way to remove latex paint drips from walls, trim and floors without damaging paint job on surface?

You cannot wait any time and immediately wipe the fresh splatters off. For the dried spills, sand down dip or spill until the surface gets smooth. Then you need to clean the area off with damp cloth and repaint when needed. In case, you need primer, then first prime and wait for it to dry completely. If you come across spots on tile floors or hardwood, remove those with razor blades under drip. It helps in peeling the paints right off.

For preventing any future spills, ensure to use drop cloths or painter’s tape between trim works and walls. You need to remove the covers of outlet and tap over them. Make sure to cover door knobs with tape and plastic bag, to safeguard from speckled hardware.


How to remove latex paint from the carpet without damaging the surface at all?

You have to clean the spill up without wasting time. Using scraper can help in removing wet paint. Try to keep the work in one location and avoid spreading it towards cleaner side of the carpets. Next stop, you need to use thick sponge for soaking up paint that the scraper failed to collect. Repeat this process several times. After that, place clean and dry cloth over spot for soaking up the rest. Later, change the cloth with a new one as it helps in picking up stain.

Once the stain is gone, you have to clean area with dishwashing detergent and warm water. Then allow the carpet to dry completely. In case, the stain is dry already, then you have to purchase paint removers from market. It is always advised to test an inconspicuous place before adding it to the rest of the carpet. For that, don’t forget to follow manufacturer’s directions.


How can you fix wrinkled paint once the paint job is done?

Wrinkling is mainly caused when paint has been applied way too heavily than what was necessary. It was applied during extreme temperatures, like too hot or cold, or if there was not enough time given to dry in between coats. Fortunately, the fix is super easy. You need to wait for the paint to dry completely and then sand away wrinkled part with ease. When the walls get smooth, you can dust it with damp cloth. Give some time to dry it off and then apply prime. Once the primer is dried completely repaint the area.


What can be done if the old colour is bleeding through the new one?

It seems that you might have forgotten to apply primer before starting the repainting job. Whenever you are changing wall colour from dark to light one, it is mandatory to prime. To help you from any two step procedure, there are some products available in the market, which are paint and primer all in one. It can effectively help in covering your space with ease. If you have enough paint left to cover the job, then just invest bucks for the primer and add one coat of it. Let the primer dry up completely before adding paint.


These are some of the interesting points to follow and avoid some common paint mistakes. You can get brilliant help from reliable sources.